Don’t let the name fool you. The ATOM may be named after what was once the smallest known thing to man, but the performance is huge. It all centers around a mid-drive 250W motor from Brose.

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Using a belt rather than gears and weighing just over 7lbs., the Brose mid-drive motor provides a virtually silent operation and offers of up to 90nm of torque.



This system uses torque, speed and cadence sensors working together to keep the motor informed of what’s happening. The result is a buttery-smooth delivery of power.
Like with all Easy Motion bikes, there are 4 levels of assistance and 4 modes; ECO, Standard, Sport, and Boost.


ATOM models will use the same batteries as the EVO line; with 500Wh batteries that net a maximum range of 65 miles. A larger 600Wh battery can be found on the Pro models and will be available aftermarket offering a range up to 90 miles.

The battery is now housed in an aluminum shell. This new shell aids in heat management while also blending into the frame.

The BMS (battery management system) has been dramatically improved as well. Power consumption is more closely controlled to increase range. There is also an automatic Deep Sleep mode that activates if the battery has not been used for a while. This mode allows the battery to be stored with power levels as low as 10% and recharged up to 400 days later. 80% charge can be achieved in 2 hours with full charge reached in 4 hours.




Maximum deterioration of 20% after 500 complete charge and discharge cycles (>30.000 km).


The battery can be charged directly from a port integrated into the frame or from the battery itself, allowing a rapid charge with 80% capacity in  2 hours. The battery has a 183.27 Wh/Kg high energy density in the Pro range (600Wh range), 173.79 Wh/Kg in the Standard range (500Wh battery).


The integrated batteries incorporate a high performance BMS (Battery Management System) offering a very controlled consumption to increase range and lengthening the useful life of the battery in the case of not being used for long periods.


The side mounted display has been updated with new easier to use buttons and improved LCD display. The Pro models will come with a new, large center mount display.

• Range information, battery capacity in %, time, speed, total or journey distance.
• Assistance mode
• Switching back light on/off
• Wheel size adjustments  
• Km/Miles selector
• Motor selection (Only AWD models)


One of the most exciting things about the ATOM line is that it allows us to incorporate the Split Pivot design on Lynx full suspension ATOM models. This technology is the same found on our BH full suspension traditional bikes. It maximizes suspension performance while making sure all the power makes it to the rear wheel while minimizing the negative effects of braking. 

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